Blended Learning Customized Course Structure

B-L Course are customized training program, well-structured into three phases: Before Training, During Training, and After Training. On the right column below, you can click on the pull-down menu of each phase to view examples of how a Trainer can use B-L course structure to give the participants the best learning impact.

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  • Advance Notices - - e.g. Checklist on pre-course reading/expectations, Do's & Don'ts guidelines, Team's Ground Rules, etc.
  • Pre-course Questionnaires - - e.g. conduct online survey of participant's profile and pre-requisites for the course.
  • Pre-course Assignments - - e.g. make available online reading materials, preparing training materials/slides, etc.
  • Pre-tests - - e.g. test participant's knowledge of the subject matters before attending the course.
  • Tests participant's comprehension - - e.g. Quizzes, Exercises, etc.
  • Observes participant's behavior - - e.g. Role-plays, Participation in Problem Solving Games, Presentations, Handling of machines/tools, etc.
  • Conduct Level 1 Training Assessment - - e.g. After-training survey on participant's reactions towards the training (likes, dislikes, areas for improvements), etc.
  • Conduct Level 2 Training Assessment - - e.g. Pre/Post-tests to validate that participant's knowledge of the subject matter has improved.
  • Ask for Action Plans - - e.g. Actions that participants plan to implement what they have learned back to their workplace.
  • Level 3 Training Assessment - - e.g. Feedbacks or observations from the participant's superior/colleagues that there is a change in participant's behaviors/knowledge/skills after the training.
  • Further comments/feedback/sharings - - e.g. Testimonials from participants about their experiences with the knowledge/skills gained from the training.

Advantages of Customized Blended Learning Training

If you choose customized B-L training, you will benefit from:
  • Detailed assessment of the learning and development needs of the participant with attention to the company's culture and strategic plan
  • Access to subject-matter experts who will work with the Trainer to create on-target instruction
  • Experienced, effective Trainer whose delivery is professional and engaging
  • Flexibility in scheduling
  • Choice of location- - on-site and/or online
  • Assistance in developing short-term and long-term plans for enhancing the skills of employees in order to increase productivity and, consequently, drive revenue growth


Step-by-Step how to customize your B-L courses to the participant's specific training needs.

Trainings That Are Suitable For B-L Approach

B-L course instructional design and development requires a lot of efforts and time. Not all training programs are suitable for B-L approach. Training programs that are most suitable for B-L courses are programs that are:

  • Applicable or impactful to a big group of employees - - e.g. Safety program, Employees Suggestion Scheme, 5S Good Housekeeping, etc
  • Recurring and Long-term - - Recurring training program such as Employees On-boarding or Orientation program, Performance Appraisals, Time and Attendance System
  • Focused on specific Core Competencies - - Leadership, Supervisory, Quality or ISO9001 Compliants, etc
  • Skillsets that need refreshing - - e.g. S.O.P Process change or Machines-handling skills refresher trainings
  • Skillsets that need upgrading - - e.g. when employees get promoted such as Managerial Development Program, Frontline Leadership Developmnt program, etc

Below is a list of suggested training programs that your organization can 'convert' it into B-L courses. It is categorizes into ALL, TOP, MIDDLE,and LOWER level management training programs.

  • Notes:
  • MGR = Manager level and above.
  • EXEC = Exempts or Middle-Management level employees e.g. Section Heads, Executives, Engineers, Officers, Supervisors, etc.
  • NEXE = Non-Exempts/Direct-Labour Level e.g. Frontline employees such as Technicians, Clerks, Store-hand, Line Leaders, Production Operators, etc.
  • Suggested B-L Courses For Different Levels Of Employees

    1Safety At Workxxxx
    25S Good Housekeepingxxxx
    3Employee Suggestion Schemexxxx
    4Employee Orientation Programxxxx
    5ISO Awareness Programxxxx
    6Total Quality Managementxxxx
    7Managing Subordinate's Performance At The Workplacexx
    81-to-1 Communication and Coaching Skillsxx
    9Effective Leadership Skillsxx
    10Habits of Highly Effective Leadersxx
    11Personality Profiling & Executive Teambuilding Skillsx
    12Effective Coaching Skillsx
    13Effective Communication Skillsxxx
    14Effective Meetings & Facilitation Skillsxxx
    15Creative Problem Solving & Decision Making (PSDM)xxx
    16Effective Presentation Skillsxx
    17Effective Supervisory Skillsx
    18Frontline Leadership Programxx
    19Effective Time Managementxxx
    20Teambuilding Skillsxxxx
    21Productivity & Quality Awareness Programxxx
    227 QC Toolsxxx
    23P.D.C.A Problem Solving Techniquexxx
    24Buddy Development & Communication Skillsxx
    25Quality Control Circles/ Innovative & Creative Circlesxxx
    26Communication and Conflict-Resolutionxx
    27Motivation & Line-Leadership Skillsxx

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