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  • Name: Nelson Kok.
  • Qualifications/ Job Designation: MBA, B.Sc(Hon), Certified Consultant Trainer, Blended Learning Coach.
  • Experience: 31 years (incl. 25 years in Training & Development)
  • International Exposure: Serving clients in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Brunei, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Sudan.
  •  Areas of Expertise: Leadership, Intercultural Communications, Personality ID Profiling & Executive Teambuilding Skills, Quality Management, Statistics, Management, Supervisory Development and Soft-Skills trainings.
  • Strengths: SPECIFIC & FOCUSED — I can customize training programs specifically to your organization’s unique needs. CROSS-CULTURAL & COST-EFFECTIVE —  I can assist (or co-partnership with your organization) to deploy training projects more cost-effectively and faster across South-East-Asia regions. INDEPENDENT & AGILE — Independent, can travel, flexible working cooperation, no conflict of interests.
  • Services: Besides Consulting and Coaching works, I also provide three types of learning courses:  Instructor-Led Training (ILT) courses, Online Learning (eLearning) courses and Blended Learning (B-L) courses.
Train-The-Trainer session
Training in Dubai
Training in Thailand
With Dr. John Ng in Singapore
With Dr. DA Carson in Penang
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31Years Experience
15000Participants Trained
87Courses Developed
350Clients Served

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Blended Learning (B-L) course is the best as it maximizes learner's engagements, retention and convenience.

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What Is and Why Blended Learning (B-L)?

Blended Learning (B-L) = Instructor-Led Training (ILT) + eLearning.

B-L course is a specifically customized training program that combines the traditional Instructor-Led Training method with online digital media method.  Why B-L approach?  Because it provides learner with best of both ILT + eLearning benefits:


  • Maximizes Engagement, Improves Communication  – – Blending face-to-face  and online  training delivers a much richer training experience.  Maximum interactions with the Instructor enhances intellectual and social engagements and improves the level of communication.
  • Fun, Lively Interactions, Enrich Experiences – – Social interactions  amongst fellow participants and with the Instructor make learning fun and enriching.   B-L tools enable participants to receive accurate and timely performance feedback.
  • Improves Teamwork, Encourages Participation – – In B-L, participants can easily meet, learn, collaborate and do things together as a team.  It allows participants to enjoy success through ‘sweating it out’ together.
  • Flipped Learning Enabled and Improves Discipline – –  Flipped learning can be easily incorporated into B-L method.  Study resources can be installed online in advance for participants to read up on the subject matter before attending the training.  When participants are obligated to read up and come prepared to contribute ideas to the class,  they will indirectly be ‘persuaded’ to be disciplined.  In fact, this is one of the main reason why many companies prefer Blended Learning programs over the online-learning programs.



  • ’24 x 7′ Access To Training Resources – –  Blended learning for corporate training allows your learners learn at their own pace and have the support they need if and when required. Volumes of online resources can be made available round-the-clock to assist the participants. Participant can learn at their convenience and not constraint by their working hours.  This is very attractive especially for workers who are always ‘busy’ at the workplace and have ‘no time’ for training.
  • Personalized Training Experience – –  B-L  allows participants to have control over their training program It caters to every individual’s specific learning needs.  Every learner has different learning capabilities, preferences and not all of them are always on the same pace in terms of grasping the information.  In B-L, participant can choose their own specific learning path, pace or specific topic areas as they deem right.
  •  Cross-Platform Communication and Collaborative Learning – –  Online learning platforms offer a variety of powerful communication tools such as email, websites, instant messaging, videos, online grading tool, online discussions, forums, drop boxes and more.  All of these tools offer great flexibility in terms of ensuring timely communication and learning.  A participant can also learn from any other participants, besides the Instructor. There is no time constraint in providing feedback/evaluation/comments.
  • Tracking Learners’ Skill and Performance Development – –  With B-L method, one can easily track down the data in terms of participants’ eventual performance improvement.  B-L makes data tracking is a lot more convenient and quick.  It facilitates and simplified corporate training feedback.  Managers can track their own subordinates’ learning performance and use this opportunity to determine which training programs are more effective and the ones which need improvisation or modification to fully meet the objectives (training needs) or performance goals.
  • Cost-Effective Training Strategy – –  B-L strategy simplifies corporate training logistics and is cost-effective.  Learnings can be deployed through the entire organization to a large group of learners – – anytime, anywhere, not limited by employees’ work-hours or location.  By using B-L approach, you can reduce the number of live seminars and organize the rest via video conferences without worrying about locations not being convenient for all of your employees.  As you incorporate more and better online options, it not only saves the traveling cost and time but also the cost of missed work.  It reduces administrative works for both the instructor and the participants.  Customized B-L courses can be changed, expanded or updated in a timely manner and the training materials can be distributed through the Learning Management System with no worry about the re-printing cost like in the case of the traditional classroom training.



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